The Show - What we do

The Seadogs main focus is Theatrically Entertaining Nautical Music & Songs

We rehearse and play throughout the year and our show is constantly evolving -
but suffice to say mateys, that we have a massive repertoire of songs
& music fit for any venue and every age group. We have played all sorts of events, some examples are:

Pirate Events
Tall Ships Festivals
Renaissance Faires
Dickens Christmas Fair
Corparate Parties
Mardi-Gras Themed Parties
Sailing Events
Ship Dedications
Children's Festivals
Maritime Festivals
Pubs & Bars
Winery Events
Library and Educational Venues

And we don't believe in "Just Playing Music."
We think that the show should be fun and theatrical!
Sure, we CAN just come in regular street clothes and
play background music while people do wine-tasting
(hey - we HAVE done that!), but we *usually* come
dressed in costumes of the appropriate nautical era
and proceed to do our show "in character", with
amusing antics, theatrical accents and banter
during the show...not just entertaining the audience,
but also *engaging* the audience!

Seafaring music is fun - and that's how it *should* be played!
In a way that is entertaining as well as musical!

We are proud that among our number of skilled vocalists are
Nearly every instrument assocaited with sailing
(and even some that aren't) Our music features:
Banjo, Button-Accordion, Concertina, Guitar,
Eukalale, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Bouzouki,
Flute, Whistles, Fiddle, Bodrhan, Drums, Spoons,
Sackbutt and Trombone!

Our shows can also be tailored for any age range, inlcuding
"clean songs" for family-friendly events, to racier
sailor songs for the more adult crowd. We can play a
wide range of music from old world work shanties performed
in the traditional style, to upbeat interpretations of classic
sea-songs, to
modern & original seafaring music.

If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate
to contact us at:

Our shows can be tailored to any type of event - Maritime - Pirate - Renaissance Era - and more
(Different Music & Songs, costuming as well as staging and theatrics)

HEAR THE MUSIC! MP3 Samples of the Seadogs:

10,000 Miles Away
Liverpool Judies
Paddy West
Handsome Cabin Boy
Rollin' Home

Leaving of Liverpool
South Australia
Drunken Sailor