IMarch 28, 2018
See my last comments of 5 years ago:
(I am not much of a blogger....AND we've been super busy!
Here's some bullet points for recent news:

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We are trying to wrap up our TWO new CDs - we hope to have them by the Pirate Festival in Vallejo in June!
These are long overdue and include many of the original songs people have been asking for (Like Blow the Man, and Spank the Monkey!)

Sadly Carnevale Fantastico has been delayed until next year. :(

The Northern California Rensaissance Faire has been extended to SIX weekends!
That's even more chances to come visit us!

And...that's it for now!


June 20th 2013:
It's Been a Rediculously LONG TIME...

Clearly, I would never make it as a "Blogger."
It's not like there haven't been a million cool things that have
happened to the SeaDogs in the last 3 years. I just plain suck when it comes to writing about these adventures!
IIf I had to spew out a few hilites of the past few years, let's try this on for size:

- Dry Creek Passport weekend.
There could not be a bigger honor than to be the entertainment for what MUST be the biggest coolest event in all of Sonoma's wine country! Most of the wineries practically compete for who can have the best food, the "funnest" entertainment, and the most unique theme. And amongst them all...we get to be THE "house band" (yes...I've heard the owner jokingly call us this) for what is -in my opinion - hands down the best winery of them all!

- After several years, we are STILL getting our annual "vacation" to Washington and Canada! This speaks volumes about the success of the new Washington Renaissance Faire as well as the fact that they must think we're worth bringing up there! Seriously though....we love this event. It's got one of the best audiences around and who can say no to a state that believes fish and chips should be made with Halibut? mmmmm....

- The Northern California Pirate Festival celebrated its 7th year last weekl...and with it brought many changes:
A completely new layout (much better in my opinion) ENORMOUS shade tent for the food court and main stage...a sound system for the ship-to-shore cannon battle...even more entertainment (including our new friends the Dread Crew of Oddwood)....a nighttime bash for adults only....and a sexy new plexiglass mermaid tank created by yours truly along with Anna and John Benincasa!

And lastly....thought it seems like a year ago ( WAS a year ago) - we FINALLY came out with our new CD: Naughty and Nautical - featuring a whole boatload of "Naughty" songs - the majority of which are SeaDog originals!
(I promise to get it up online and at CD Baby for purchase soon!)

That's it for now maties....maybe next time I won't wait 3 years to write something...
But don't count on it.






t's Been a Long Time...August 1st, 2008

Well, mates...what can I say? It's been farr too long since I
posted any form of news, updates or recaps! The hard, cold truth
is that I've just been too busy and so have the SeaDogs!
We've now done 2 - count 'em two (that's both) of the new Northern California Pirate Festivals...which have been bigger successes than we could have ever imagined! The producers expected an attendance of 5,000 or so for the first year, and instead over 31,000 People attended! It was amazing and we were in pirate heaven! There were even more the second year, and we've gotten to share the stage as headliners with such incredible talents as the internationally famous Tom Lewis, Skip Henderson & StarBoard Watch, Dogwatch and Holdstock & McCleod! Wow!
We also recently performed for the San Francisco Maritime Museum as entertainment for the Festival of Sail - which as we all know occurs only once every three years. Later this month (August 2008) we'll be traveling down to San Diego for the same festival but at the San Diego maritime Museum...and for the first time, we'll be playing on the main stage at the Portland Pirate Festival! (It's been a big travel year!) Of course, we'll be playing three weekends of Northern Cal Renaissance Faire, and as always we'll be there for the whole run of the Dickens Xmas Fair in SF!
What else was exciting this past year or so? Let's see...we also got to the be the main entertainment for a huge party helf at the Swanson Winery for the 70+ piece National Russian Orchestra, we ran a VERY fun Pirate Sail onboard the Gaslight out of Sausalito (next year don't miss it! Get your tickets early!), we made the news at the Taste of Petaluma festival, were a big ol' hit at Cotati's "Pirates Life for me" Kids Day, and heck...there's just too much to list!
We're also about to start work on a new cd! (this will be our fourth)
Check out the website - you'll see a lot of new photos and fun stuff!

"A Nautical New Year! " - update Feb 7th, 2006

The year ended with an incredible Dickens Fair event in San Francisco. This year we took on a task much bigger
than in past years - with the design and build of an entire London Docks - themed area. Complete with faux "nautical buildings", wharf, ticket booth, school of seamanship and ship-themed stage. We are very proud to say that our new London Docks were a huge success. Our school was always filled with young ones eager to learn about the nautical arts, there was ongoing music and large receptive audiences, and our daily sea-music and shanty singalong was PACKED every day. We were thrilled at the amount of people who sang along and especially at the amount of folks who brought out new songs to share and teach!
Now it's the new year - and we're finally wrapping up the new Pirate CD - with a CD Release Party on the horizon and upcoming pirate events.... Yo HO!

"Wrapping up the Warm Season..." - update Sept. 14, 2005

The San Diego Festival of Sail was an absolute BLAST! Although we were *actually* only scheduled to play the 2 45minute slots on the main stage on Sunday, we ACTUALLY ended up playing both weekend days (at the event director's request). We played for hours and hours (since we were having so much fun) - evrywhere from the "welcome to the event" stage, to the main stage. to several bouts onboard the "Surprise" (the ship used in the film Master and Commander) . We were met with an amazing amount of appreciation and enthusiasm and have nothing but wonderful things to say about the event, the fantastic ships and the fun & friendly folks at the San Diego Maritime Museum. We also got to meet and sing on stage with Tom Lewis (a personal favorite and strong influence on the Seadogs for many years) as well as his charming wife. A GREAT event with a MASSIVE attendance...we will definitely be returning! We have lots of photos coming from the photographers and will be making many updates to the Seadog Gallery soon...


Another year at Sail San Francisco - update July 28, 2005

We'll be performing at the "main stage area" at pier 30/32 at 1pm and 3pm. In the past, this has been a great event with a very energetic crowd, and we look forward to seeing how it evolves now that the Pacific Rim Foundation is producing the event. After our stage times, we'll be heading over to pier 40 - where our good friends of the Golden Gate Tall Ships Society are hosting the R. Tucker Thompson (A gorgeous gaff rigged, square tops'l schooner).


Our first year at the San Diego Festival of Sail! - update July 21, 2005

We are incredibly excited to be booked for this event! The San Diego Tall Ship Festival is one of the very biggest on our coast with an average past attendance of around 500,000 over the course of the 5-day event. The Seadogs will be playing on the "big stage" alongside maritime "greats" like Holdstock & Mcleod, and Tom Lewis. We're very excited! And this is only 3 weeks after our show at the Sail San Francisco Tall Ships Festival. *Wheh*! A very busy two months. In the meantime, we have indeed managed to record about 75% of the vocals for our new pitrate-themed CD, and are pretty confident it will be ready for sales by Christmas time (and the Great Dickens Fair)


Stafford Renaissance Faire opens - update July 20, 2005

As usual, we are performing on stage as well as in our own "Seadog Stage" throughout each weekend.
Opening weekend went very smoothly and we saw a lot of new faces in the audience, as the "new" (4th annual) Novato Faire starts becoming a more "known" local tradition. A great time and we've had a lot of musical visitors both singing songs in our area, as well as joining in on our big end of day multi-group blowout songset!
Second weekend, Steve (aka "Roger Gaffrin" in the Renaissance Farire) was interviewed for the Alice 97.3 morning show and we sang a few verses of "Dark Lady" - both the "in-character" comedic interivew and the beginning of the song aired wednesday morning the 20th.


Playing on the Lady Washington - update April 12, 2005

This was great fun! We had a wonderful time - in fact so much fun was had by all, that we didn't take even one break from playing. Nearly 3 straight hours of Seadog music & songs! The crew of the Lady Washington and The Lynx were very welcoming and some sang along. We look forward to the next time they are in port so we can visit again!


The Seadogs Play the Lady Washington!

We are pleased and excited to announce that during The Lady Washington's stay in Sausalito, The Seadogs will be performing Sea Music and Shanties aboard her! We will be performing Saturday April 9th, between 10am - 1pm. This is the one scheduled Dockside tour during the Lady's remaining weekend in the bay Area. So come on out and support the Tall Ships while hearing some of your favorite nautical tunes! If you're not familiar with the Lady Washingon, she is the ship that was used as the "Interceptor" in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean!" For more information on the Lady Washington, visit This promises to be a great time, and shortly after the dockside tours the Lady will be doing gun battles with the Lynx. The Lynx and Bill of Rights are also in town as well!