The Seadogs Cast

What's that? You wanna' meet the fine crew that make up the Seadogs? The funny & musical folks who work their fingers to the bone all year practicing music that would drive any SANE sailor off the deep end? Why, here they are...
Steve Benincasa-Morales - Director
Banjo / Flute / Whistles / Concertina /
Accordion /
Anna Benincasa-Morales
Asst. Director
Guitar / Eukalele / Vocals & the Lash

Jeremiah Baer
Vocals, Comedy and Comedic Dance!

John Lloyd- Benincasa
Bodhran / Vocals

Jim Cox
Melodeons and things that get squeezed.

Ed Cramer
Vocals and Island Sea-Shanty Rap!


Maria Eviers-

Vocals and
PLUS...she practically invented the KAZOO!
Kristen Francis
Vocals and
the most skilled triangle player in the Caribbean!
Daniel Harris
Guitar / Accordion / Banjo / Mandolin / Vocals
Carl Harvey
Drums / Percussion / Vocals

Steve Hinkle
Guitar / Harmonica / Vocals

and now...
His New Love,
The Accordion!

Kathy Kingman
Vocals & Eloquent Commentary
Bronwyn Lloyd-Benincasa
and Shark Dance!

David Luckhart
Vocals and ridiculously big hats.
Greg Medley
Vocals, Spoken Word...and Comedic Coreography.

Beth Powell
Fiddle and Tin Whistle


wait a did Bob get in there?

Adrienne Rappaport
Vocals & Champagne Toasts

Andrew Simmons
Vocals, Comedy & Silly Dresses.


Leigh Skilling
Bodhran Drum / Percussion / Vocals

Steve Swarner
Interpretive Dance
Comedic Genius


Josh Wollom
Upright Bass
/ Vocals


Special Thanks:

Rosemary Guglielmelli - photo credits
Calvin Morris - photo credits
Byron Dazey: photo credits
Chris Yetter: photo credits
Melissa Costa: photo credits
Howard Gold: photo credits
Mike Young - photo credits
Tanya Anguita - photo credits
Robin Barnett - photo credits
(If you took photos and aren't getting the credit you deserve...please contact us and let us know - we want to thank you too!)

Also, our never to be forgotten - and always missed -
past directors and assistants:

Eric Lethe - Original Director and lifelong friend
Robin Driskil - Second Director and "Seadog Mom"
John Van Meter - past a.d.
Cat Howell - past a.d.
Ross Wentworth - past a.d.
Wayne Bates - past a.d.
John Wick - past a.d.
Celeste Johnson - Southern Seadog Assistant Director
Nancy Souza - longest running assistant director on the face of the planet!