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Stumpy & Scurvy's PIRATE SHOP
Here you can purchase our CDs!

(in addition to a wide variety of other great pirate booty (Pirates of the Caribbean swag, clothes, games & all sorts o' treasure!)

Below we've got some links to some of the venues we perform at, some links to other performers that we like, and some general cool nautical and pirate-y places to visit... Our dear friends at the Golden Gate Tall Ships Society. Located in Sausalito, these good folks have a very active roll in tall ships events and sail training programns in the SF Bay Area. The hands-down largest selection of pirate-themed clothing and pirate-themed merchandise anywhere! More pirate booty than you can shake a hook at! (And'll find many of our crew modelled for the photos - take a look and see how many seadogs you recognize!) The website for Red Barn Productions (The nice folks who produce the Great Dickens Christmas faire in San Francisco ) These are dear friends of ours and have been responsible for a Great deal of the wonderful events we have done over the years. We cannot praise them high enough! Website for the Tall Ship Lady Washington. (The ship that portrayed the "Interceptor" in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean.")
Falkirk House - City of San Rafael's historic landmark with strong shipping history. - One of our favorite places in the Sonoma Valley Winery Region. For some reason they keep coming up with reasons for us to play there! Great wine and really nice people! - The great people who producs the Valhalla Renaissance Faire and Golden gate renaissance Faire The Headquarters for all things Pirate. Here you'll find every link and pirate reference you could ever need to start out your swashbukling career. Costumes, Merchants, events, even a regular pirate publication and listings for pirate groups in your own area! Mystic Seaport Music Festival - set sail for the largest nautical music fest in the U.S.! Sail San Francisco and The Pacific Rim Foundation. The good people who bring us San Francisco's premiere Tall Ships Festival The San Diego Maritime Museum - A fantastic place to visit, the home of the Star of India, and producers of the San Diego Festival of Sail How can you not love this newest National Holiday?


Some other nautical, maritime and pirate performers that we personally recommend: Tom Lewis - one of the legends of Sea Music & Song. We cannot thank him enough for his contributions to nautical tradition (and we perform several of his songs!) Louis Killen is one of the most well-known and well-loved names in maritime and sea songs. A wealth of knowlege & talent! Home page for Dick Holdstocks, the Holdstocks, Holdstock & Mcleod, and Nauticus. All very good SF Bay Area traditional maritime groups. Riggy Rackin. SF Bay Area concertina player and mariitme performer. (A great guy, personal friend and Steve's concertina teacher!) Hot east coast all-ladies acapela sea-song group! Homepage for Pint and Dale. Folk duo who perform some classics, as well as more modern interpretations of sea music. Some of the most interesting hurdy-gurdy playing you'll find anywhere. Another great nautical band (East Coast). They also write some great original stuff! Captain Bogg & Salty A funny & theatrical Pirate Band Yet another Hot Pirate Band!